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Loksert Removal Animated Video

Bondsert Animated Video

Bondsert Video de Animación

Powercoil Pneumatic Tool Demonstration

Loksert pneumatic Installation Tool Demonstration

Video #8 - Shootout Tool Testing Conclusions

Video #7 – Chamfer Tool Shootout Conclusions

Video #6 – Testing Chamfer Tools on HRC 50-55 Metal Rounds – Failures by Uniburr®, Amazon, BarChamp™

Video #4 – Testing Chamfer Tools on HRC 39 Threaded Rod

Video #5 – Testing Chamfer Tools on HRC 40-45 Metal Rounds

Video #3 – Testing Chamfer Tools on Grade 8 Threaded Rod

Video #2 – Testing Chamfer Tools on Construction Grade Threaded Rod

Video # 1 – Introduction of Chamfer Tools to be Tested and Materials for Test

Crossroad Distributor Source Presents E-Z Chamfer

IFE 2019 CrossFixx Grand Prixx | Afixx | Crossroad | Slot Car Race 2

Bordo E Z Chamfer®

E-Z Chamfer® Crossroad Motion Graphic Spanish

Loksert Crossroad Motion Graphic Spanish

PowerCoil Crossroad Spanish Motion Graphic

E-Z Chamfer® Motion Graphic

Loksert Motion Graphic

Powercoil Motion Graphic

E Z Chamfer® By Bordo

silbertool presentation 2018 en 2

Silbertool - Truck Axle Repair R110

Electric Tool Installation of PowerCoil Inserts

Loksert Installation Pneumatic Tool

Loksert Installation Hand Tool

Light years ahead r110 v1 1

Light years ahead R60

Light years ahead R36

Light years ahead R16

How to repair an M36X4

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